2. MANAGEMENT POLICY[Message from the President]

CFK was founded in 1946 specifically for postwar reconstruction. Meanwhile, we have accumulated and made use of technology to meet social needs in such periods as war damage revival and economic maturity. Now, we participate in various domestic and foreign projects as a comprehensive consultancy with top-level engineers in almost every field, such as planning, designing and maintenance of transformation facilities of railways, roads and ports, ground analysis and environmental impact assessment.

In the 21st century, we have been faced with changing socioeconomic conditions that we have never experienced before, such as depopulation, declining birthrate and an aging population, economic globalization, advanced information society, global environmental problems and deterioration of infrastructure. In such an era, we, as civil engineering consultants, have to be full of ideas considering the changes of the times ahead, in addition to upgrading conventional technology. Moreover, our business role and field are expanded and diversified by coping with government’s policies such as national resilience and disaster management. To meet above needs, CFK is securing spots that excellent engineers can work actively, raising engineering level and making efforts to educate able persons and make comfortable job place based on sound company management.

"Sincerity" is the base to gain confidence of people within and outside the company. "Brightness" is the keynote to create a bond of trust among employees. "Solidarity" is the basis for strengthening the company's ability to execute. We sincerely intend to meet social needs and carry out our mission to deliver infrastructure to the next generation beyond the current level under the corporate motto as "Sincerity, Brightness & Solidarity". Lastly, we would like to thank our clients and concerned parties for continued guidance and encouragement.




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