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Transportation Planning

We consider eco-friendly comprehensive transportation planning

We engage in comprehensive transportation planning that involves a wide range of public transportation systems, such as railways, new transit system, light rail transit (LRT), community bus network, and others as well as relocation of road space that will allow more pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly traffic-city planning. In addition, we conduct an analysis of data on traffic accidents for formulating safety measures and promoting carpools. We also develop pilot programs for smoother transportation measures and mobility management that promotes improvement in human behaviors.

The pleasant, pedestrian-friendly downtown strategy

"The pleasant, pedestrian-friendly downtown" strategy

Hankyu Ikeda Station Square

Hankyu Ikeda Station Square

The primary work experience
Kyoto Municipal Government A study for “The pleasant, pedestrian-friendly downtown” strategy in Kyoto 2006~2016
MLIT National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management A study for design of high-quality road space and its management ability 2016
Shiga Prefecture Government A study for public transportation network planning in Otsu-konan region 2016
MLIT City Bureau A study of new urban traffic facilities planning for reinforcement of international competition of Kinki and Chukyo area 2012
MLIT Kinki Regional Development Bureau,MLIT Chubu Regional Development Bureau A survey on urban area comprehensive transportation system (Kinki urban area,Chukyo urban area) 1970~2016
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