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Technology Field

Technology Field MENU

Structural Maintenance and Management

We protect existing stocks from various risks

We diagnose structural conditions of facilities through a close inspection based on structural characteristics and estimate cause of damage and deterioration of facilities through material examination and structural analysis with consideration for construction condition, climate, topography, geology and other conditions. And we propose the best method for repair and reinforcement considering cause of damage and deterioration. We also develop asset management systems based on clients demands for life prolongation.

A monitoring screen with WEB camera images

Measurement and observation of track substance caused by tunnel constructed under track

A bridge inspection

A bridge inspection

Output examples of bridge management system

Estimation of future repairing cost

(1)Estimation of future repairing cost

Estimation of future function level

(2)Estimation of future function level

Estimation of future damage level

(3)Estimation of future damage level

The primary work experience
MLIT General Policy Bureau A study for strategic implementation of old infrastructure by local public bodies 2017
Otsu Municipal Government Support of planning to promote general and anticipatory management of public facilities 2016
Aomori Municipal Government Study of maintenance and management plan of Aoimori Railway 2016
MLIT National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Managemen Study of method to estimate pavement condition based on road characteristics 2016
Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation A study of maintenance and management for Nagoya Expressway 2016
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